You don't really run gcode without simulating it do you?

Whether you have a mill or a lathe, Cutviewer shows you exactly what your part will look like.

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Bad Gcode costs you time and money

We all have that pile of broken endmills and gouged parts. How many of these could have been prevented by simulating the gcode before running it on the machine?

How many parts have you cut that don't have the surface finish you expected?

How many parts have you cut with little uncut areas that you didn't expect?

Full 3D Simulation, not just a toolpath viewer

There are lots of "CNC Simulators" out there that don't simulate anything- they just show you the toolpath.

Your CAM program can show you the toolpath but you need to see what the finished part is going to look like. Cutviewer shows you a full 3D simulation of the finished part based on the toolpath, the stock you define, and the cutters you're using.

an image

an image

Collision detection prevents catastrophes

Cutviewer detects any part of the toolpath where the shaft of the cutter touches the stock during a cutting move or any part of the tool touching the stock during a rapid move.

Works with Mills and Lathes

Cutviewer comes in two versions, Cutviewer Mill for milling machines, and Cutviewer Turn for lathes. Both versions feature the same 3D simulation of your finished part and real-time gcode editing.

an image

an image

Compare the finished part to the original 3D file

Once your toolpath is done simulating, you'll be able to load an STL file and let Cutviewer show you how far the finished part is from the original design.

Use any kind of tool

Don't be limited by the kinds of tools that can be used for the simulation:

  • Flat endmills
  • Ballmills
  • Bullmills
...and any of them can be tapered.

an image

an image

Built-in gcode editor

If you find any errors in your gocde there's no need to open it up in an external editor to make changes. You can edit the code directly in Cutviewer and then redo the simulation to see the results.

Measure the finished part without having to cut a thing

Not sure if the finished part will be dimensionally accurate? Cutviewer lets you take measurements from the simulated stock. You can:

  • Take linear measurements
  • Take angular measurements
  • Look at cross-section curves
  • Measure the volume of the finished part

an image

an image

The best way to learn CNC machining

The key to learning gcode quickly is practice- the more gcode you can run, the faster you'll learn. Running gcode on a real machine isn't an option, it takes too long and the risk to the machine is too high.

With Cutviewer, you'll see the results of your CNC programs in seconds, with no material cost and with no risk of damage to your machine.

Reads all common gcode formats

With the thousands of CNC machine types out there, there is more than one version of gcode too. Cutviewer reads the most common types:

  • Standard gcode
  • Fanuc
  • Heidenhain
  • APT CL

an image

an image This 6000 line gcode file simulated in under 2 seconds in turbo mode.

Watch the toolpath cut or use "Turbo" mode to get the results immediately

Normal animated mode shows you the stock as it's being cut. Pause any time, rewind to see anything again, or step through the gcode one line at a time. Watching the cut happen takes away suprises that can happen if you run the gcode on your mill first.

Turbo mode only shows you the end result, and it shows it to you very quickly.

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